Jesi & Sirolo beach

It’s always the days you don’t have a plan for that turn out the best, and this was one of them. We wanted to get as far away from our not so sunny beach strip so we headed inland, first to Ancona itself to find a pharmacy to sort out our mozzie bites and to send some post, then we checked out the map and decided Jesi took our fancy, a stamp of approval from Mum! We parked up at some old city walls (free parking-bonus) and randomly got an escalator through the old walls up to the town. It was so quiet, maybe because it was siesta time, but it felt like we shouldn’t really be there noseying around!! It’s such a pretty old higgledy-piggledy town with cobbled streets, light brick coloured houses and fortress walls you could partially walk around. It was so clean too and looked as though many of the buildings had been newly renovated. After snooping about and walking the walls, we had lunch in the main square surrounded by lots of stone lions.

Dad had mentioned that in Sirolo, not far from our campsite there was the ‘best beach bar in the world’ (rated in 2007 by the Guardian!!) so we thought we’d go and see if it was still there!! We wound down to a car park at the bottom and walked down a short flight of steps on to the most amazing beach! It was really unexpected and took our breath away a little. It was a long pebble beach with lots of coves and the most amazingly blue water, it reminded me of Whitsunday islands in Australia …and best of all it was partially deserted, apart from a few lonely people scattered up the beach, sat by themselves. They all looked a little bit weird as if they were waiting to go somewhere, or were soon to be taken to The Beach, as in the film! It was a pretty windy day which made it feel a little chilly so no swimming in the sea, instead we walked round the bay, over rocks and in coves and then sat for a while taking it all in and picking up cool looking shells. There were a couple of small bars the other end of the beach but nothing that looked like a Guardian prize winner, maybe they appear in the summer months?! What a fun/ random day!

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