Off to Rome…

We left the delights of southern Tuscany, and headed for Rome. We got there a day earlier than planned as we new Friday would be good weather!

We left the busy Rome ring road and arrived at a large campsite on the outskirts of the city. We got out of the truck and went on a recce for the best camping spot. I was fully engrossed in the campsite map i had been given, so much so, i failed to spot the huge tree trunk ahead of me…in what felt like slow-mo time i ended up in a heap on the floor. Ben was in stitches. I was covered head to toe in bits of tree trunk and bush, managed to rip my leggings and successfully cut up my feet and legs…only someone as clumsy as me would mange it! We finally parked up, it took ages, we could park anywhere, there were no pitches laid out just large tree covered fields so it made us ridiculously indecisive. By this time, what were left of my leggings were now successfully stuck to my legs congealed in the blood!! We also had the added problem of all the blossom from the huge trees blowing around us, it looked like the campsite had had a delivery of fake snow, it was everywhere!

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