Siena bound…

We hit the road again, making another short journey down to Siena. We left the last campsite a little earlier than normal which meant we arrived at the Siena campsite around midday so we decided to spend the afternoon in Siena! We entered through a big archway into the old town, it was pourrrrring with rain, there were a sea of umbrellas. We wondered around the streets towards the Piazza del Campo. When we arrived the piazza was practically deserted, the rain was torrential, people were huddled under the cafe canapes sipping expensive cappuccinos! We went into the Palazzo Pubblico and sheltered from the rain under the arches. Once it had died down a little we headed to the Duomo, bought a ticket and entered the cathedral. Once inside we were a little taken a back, the decor was crazy!! The walls, pillars and archways were covered in striking stripy stone, the floor consisted of intricate mosaics, and large colourful frescos covered the walls. As we edged closer to the alter there was a amazing pulpit covered in Gothic carvings, the whole thing was ridiculously O.T.T but at the same time incredible! We left the Duomo and walked around the streets, down dark little tunnels, through pretty Tuscan squares and then back round to the main square. The rain had stopped and the sun was out, we picked up a slice of pizza and stood in the awesome square for a while taking it all in. We loved Siena.

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