Off to Tuscany!

We made the short journey from La Spezia to Montecatini Terme, a spa town in between Florence and Lucca. We wound our way up yet another hillside until we were perched on the top of a Tuscan valley with the town below. It was a scorcher of a day, 28 degrees! We arrived around 2pm, waited for the gates to open after siesta time and parked up. We were given welcome drinks vouchers to be used between 5pm and 7pm and we were informed that the swimming pool was open-a first. None of the campsites we’d been to had theirs open yet, we were mega excited. We quickly sorted out our pitch, opened up all the windows, aimed all the fans we had at Jake who was a roasting doggie, then wondered up to the pool. It was practically empty, we grabbed a couple of sun beds and jumped in, well Ben cautiously walked down the ladder and I bravely slid in from the side, it was freeeeeezing!!!! We did a couple of lengths then stood in the shallow end, our legs were going numb with the cold so we got out and soaked up the sun for a couple of hours (accompanied with beer from the fridge of course)! It was 6:45, we quickly grabbed some clothes and walked over to the bar to get our freebie drink and apéritif, yummy garlic bread and lots of tasty cold beer 🙂 By 8pm we had that fuzzy head feeling when you’ve been drinking in the sun, we felt like we were on proper hols!!

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