Perpignan and Queribus castle

We spent half the day on a wild goose chase around Perpignan looking for a place that sold jockey wheels for our caravan. We were given an address at the campsite but after a lot of confusion and a good few hours driving round we rang Mum as a last resort and asked her to put her French skills to the test and call the shop to ask them where they were based (Ben had tried to call earlier but the man hung up on him due to a lack of communication!!!). It turned out they had moved location-typical! A little while later we found the shop, tucked behind a garage in the middle of nowhere, we finally bought a new jockey wheel!

We carried on our day up into the mountains to one of the Cathar castles, Chateau de Queribus. It was perched on the top of a cliff edge over looking the Pyrenees. I don’t think we’ve been to a castle so high up before! We walked up a steep path and almost got blown away at the top, the wind was so strong!! We went exploring up and down lots of winding stairs, Ben spent most of the time trying to work out the castles defences as per usual…we’re turning into castle geeks! It was lots of fun 🙂

*Back on the road tomorrow around southern France, we’ll stop off overnight somewhere on the coast then head into Italy.

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