2 thoughts on “The shower is now the wardrobe…!

  1. Wow what a lot of stuff you guys have!!! How’s it going living in the ‘van? How’s jake getting on? We’re back is bisley this weekend, not as fun without you guys, although just about to go round copsgrove, will see if jakes toy has fallen from the tree yet! Miss you guys loads, loving the blog xxxxxxxxx ps is Ben growing a tache?! Xxxx

  2. Haha, Ben’s GD asked that too, he’s not purposefully growing one, just being a bit lazy about it…turning into a right hippie!! Lar said she was back in Bisley too, we could have had a bday booze up in the Bear for Hats bday 😦 Will have to save it for the summer! Hope you’re having a nice weekend? Got any fun stuff planned for the next few weeks? Jakes doing fine, snoring and farting as per usual! Van’s holding out so far!! Next week we’ll start heading down south to Barcelona. Big hug, Char xxx P.s Loving the Skiing pics on FB x

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