Our first day in Switzerland, first stop… Zurich!

We parked the car in a fancy LED lit up car park (which ended up costing a small fortune!) and headed to the tourist office. We’re getting in a good routine for when we visit cities: Park up, go to tourist office, grab a map and any other useful info then head off! The Zurich map had a dotted route drawn on the map which took you around all the interesting sites, so we followed this. Ben was tour guide this day! The route took us around small narrow winding streets in the old town, past lots of little cafes, cool bars, lovely little galleries and lots of little shops all with awesome window displays. We went into Fraumünster church which had amazing stained glass windows designed by Marc Chagall in the 70s, each window was a different vivid colour and each depicted a biblical scene, an awesome sight… Except, on the way out Ben ruined the quiet church atmosphere by trying but failing to hold a sneeze in, all of sudden there was what sounded like an elephant trumpeting coming from the door, we couldnt stop laughing!

We found an amazing chocolatier in one of the squares. We were drawn in by the creative window displays and ended up buying a swiss choc rabbit for Sunday-it had to be done!!

Later on in the day, after all the typical site-seeing had been done, we ventured down to the south of the city and saw one of Le Corbusier’s last designs, an awesome house sat on the edge of a park looking over Zurich lake. Created in steel and concrete, covered in bright block panels, the house had a ramp leading up to an umbrella roof.  We could have moved in there and then. One of our fave Le Corbusier creations! We ended up walking around the park and soaking up the sun. There were groups of people having BBQs, boozing it up, listening to music on these large battery powered amps, wicked atmosphere.

One of our fave cities so far(creative, pretty and fun) but also one of the most expensive, well worth it though!

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