Switzerland bound

We stocked up our food supplies in Aldi (mega cheap!) and filled the tank up with German diesel (not as cheap as Luxembourgs diesel but cheaper than Switzerland!)…we were ready to head off to the country where the mountains are nearly as high as their prices!

We were Ottenbach bound…(nr Zurich).

We arrived at a small campsite on a river. Parked up, did the usual *hold breath* situation as we opened up the caravan to see what had fallen out/over/in on the journey. Got the chairs out, cracked open a Swiss beer and soaked up the sun!

Later on in the afternoon we walked along the river. It was Sunday, everyone and their dogs were out walking, all wrapped up in their fleeces, as we strolled by with our white/ floresecnt arms and legs out catching the rays-typical English folk! The Swiss seem to have some aversion to sun light, we later found out that it’s still winter in Switzerland apparently!

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