Bad Durkheim!

We’ve crossed into Germany and are now in Bad Dürkheim!

Campsite: Knaus Campingpark

A very fancy campsite (I think you need to be wearing speedos or lycra to really fit in here!!), not much atmosphere but they have awesome showers (you can adjust the temp and everything!) and music playing in the toilets!

I came out of the toilets and was almost run over by a whole group of people on Segways-very random!

They have a lake too. Ooo…and we did our first lot of washing…

PS. Tyre got fixed and for only €26, left it as a spare tyre for the mo.

4 thoughts on “Bad Durkheim!

  1. Jen! Just got on the internet again, i have to approve your first post so they know i want you posting stuff, it will be automatic from now on 🙂 What ferry you boarding?? To where??? xxx

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