The beast…

3 thoughts on “The beast…

  1. Wakey! wakey! Ben & Charlie, so your journey begins, many miles, many smiles and many trials, take care, stay safe and look after each other, good luck, lots of love dad ( Peter ) XXX

  2. Is it a bird ……………?
    Is it a plane …………?
    No, it’s the Superbeast caravanserai and travelling companions!!
    Are you there yet? Can you see the sea? How’s Tin Tin?
    Where is Belgium? Is it true the national dish is fries with mayonnaise?
    We need answers!
    The other Dad! xxx

  3. We’ve had no fries with mayo and no Beligium buns, not impressed. The local beer ain’t bad though 🙂 …and Ben spotted the sea first. You snooze. You loose as they say! x

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